Dr. Ahmad Badrek-Amoudi


Hospital / City:





Date of Birth 14th March 1967

Nationality Saudi Arabian

Saudi I.D Number 1-0080-6731-4


GMC Number (U.K) 4037796

Saudi Commission for Health Services   Consultant 03-R-M-12028


Address  P.O Box 1845, 

                                                                 Jeddah 21441, KSA


Telephones +966 504627683

E-mails [email protected]

[email protected]



School: General High School Certificate.

AL-Thager School, 

          Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

          1973 -1985. 


A- Levels (Biology, Physics & Chemistry) 

    Bristol Technical College

    Bristol, U.K, 1985-1987.


University:    The Royal London Hospital Medical College,

University of London,

London, U.K, 1987- 1993.



  • BSc, (Bachelor of Science, Experimental Pathology)

Royal London Hospital, 

University of London, London, U.K.



  • MBBS (Medical Bachelor & Bachelor of Surgery)

Royal London Hospital, 

University of London, London, U.K.



  • Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of England

 FRCS (Eng).

 London, U.K.

 Part I:  1995.

 Part II: 1998.


  • Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery

University of Strasbourg, 

Strasburg, France, 



  • Fellowship in Laparoscopic Colorectal and Pelvic floor Surgery

North Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol, U.K.

Sponsored by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh under the International Medical Graduate Sponsorship Scheme (IMGSS),

Dec 2010 – Nov 2011





I intend to utilize my considerable experience both as a surgeon, who passionately believes in development and innovation, and as a leader in academic health sciences, to advance specialist patient care with in the context of colorectal and pelvic floor disease, to further develop trends in surgical education and training and to generate high caliber research. 



I.  In Surgery

  • Saudi Arabia Ministry of Higher Education & Mayo Clinic: Enhancing Patient Experience Culture Symposium.

Dubai, UAE, December 9-11, 2014.

  • Laparoscopic management of low rectal cancer: cadaveric workshop. 

Part of the Low Rectal Cancer Development Program (LOREC).


Bristol University, U.K. Nov 2013


  • Colorectal capsular endoscopy, ICRF, 

       Riyadh, March 2013


  • 4th Bristol Extra Lavator Abdomino-Perineal Excision Cadaveric Course,

Part of the Low Rectal Cancer Development Program (LOREC).

Bristol, U.K, Nov 2011.


  • Master Class in Laparoscopic Colonic Resection

Queen Alexander Hospital, Portsmouth, U.K, Nov 2011


  • Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia (TEP) Course

Cardiff, U.K, June 2011.


  • Operative Hernia Solution,

Mechelen, Belgium, 2009.


  • Minimally Invasive Operating Techniques in Advanced Colorectal Surgery. 

European Surgical Institute, Hamburg, Germany, 2009.

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  • Advanced Trauma Operative Surgery (ATOM)

King AbdulAziz National Guard Medical City, Riyadh, KSA, 2008.


  • Essentials Laparoscopic Course

        University of Dundee Medical College, U.K, 2003


  • GI Endoscopy

Endoscopic Unit, King Abdullaziz University Medical College,

Jeddah, 2003.


  • ATLS (Advanced Trauma & Life Support)

       England, UK, 1996.


II.  In Academia, Medical & Surgical Education


  • The Future of Digital Health Care, McKinsey and Company, Dubai, 27th- 28th January 2016.


  • Harvard Macy Institute Program for Leading Innovation in Health Care & Education, The Harvard Medical School, June 14-19, 2015


  • Academic Leadership Development Workshop.

University of Umm Al-Qura University, 19-20 November 2014.


  • Academic Health Systems Leaders Workshop,

January 2014, London, U.K.


  • Summer Course, Problem Based Learning in Medicine,

     Health and Behavioral Sciences, 

        School of Health Professions Education, Maastricht University, 

Netherlands, 2009.


  • Surgical Education: Principles and Practice

         Part of the 92nd Annual Clinical Congress, ACS, Chicago, USA, 2006.


  • Computers and the Internet for Practicing Surgeons

   Part of the 92nd Annual Clinical Congress, ACS, Chicago, USA, 2006.


Continue: Courses 


  • Developing High Quality written tests and OSCE

         King Abdullaziz University Medical College, Jeddah 2002.


  • Certification in Health Professions Education

         King Saud University Medical College, Riyadh, 2001.


  • Clinical Trial Methodology

         King Fiasal Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, 2000.


  • Saudi Council For Health Specialties Certification, 1999.





Winner: The University of Umm Al-Qura Award for Excellence 

In The Field of Education, 2005.


Scholarship: From the Ministry of Higher Education

To complete undergraduate medical training in the U.K, 1987-93.


Winner: the Award for the Ideal Student of the Year

Al-Thager School, Jeddah, 1984.






Vice Dean for Hospital and Clinical Affairs, Assistant Professor, 

Consultant General and Colorectal Laparoscopic Surgeon

Jan. 2013 till present 


Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, UQU. Makkah,

King Fahad Hospital, Dr Sulaiman Fakeeh Hospital, Jeddah. 




A. General and Colorectal Surgery


At King Fahad General Hospital over the past eighteen months, 370 cases were admitted under my care, 60% of which were trauma and acute surgical emergencies, most which were treated through conventional surgeries. A significant number of abdominal emergencies including suspected appendicitis, obstructed hernias, perforated visci, stab wound, adhesive bowel obstruction, malignant bowel obstruction were all treated laparoscopicaly. Intigral to this service is General Surgical training required for Saudi Board resident and undergraduate surgical education

At Dr. Sulaiman Fakeeh Hospital 144 surgeries were performed over 8 month period, 40% emergencies, 70% laparoscopy.


B. Administration and Academia


As a Vice-Dean for Hospital Affairs, responsible for the well fare and hospital posting of 250 member staff and 320-350 annual medical graduates, I have been tasked with the following:


  • Developing a strategic and operational plan, overseeing the University Teaching Hospitals, currently under construction.
  • Establishing a blueprint for the translation of Faculty Staff’s activities into credit hours.
  • Participant and instigator of putting forward a national curriculum for the graduate Saudi medical intern.
  • Establishing electronic application and feedback processing through the university website and social media.
  • Securing hospital postings for medical graduates.
  • Building multilateral collaborations both locally and internationally.
  • Member of the curriculum committee and the negotiating team to source, customize and implement medical curricula from U.K. universities.
  • Chairing the committee for the final 2 years of the 6-year program, providing logistical support and introducing themes such as comprehensive evaluation, communication and professionalism.




  • Clinical Fellow, Laparoscopic Colorectal and Pelvic Floor Surgery.


Dec 2010 – Nov 2012.

Frenchay Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol, U.K.

       Working under the supervision of Mr. Anthony Dixon, Colorectal and Pelvic floor    Surgeon.


  • Assistant Professor in Surgery, Consultant in General Surgery


2003 – 2010.

The College of Medicine & Medical Sciences, Umm Al-Qura University

& Al-Noor Specialist Hospital, Makkah.


  • Assistant Professor in Surgery, Consultant in General Surgery.


2005 - 2007. 

Affiliated to Prince Sultan Center for Advanced laparoscopic Surgery

The College of Medicine & Medical Sciences, Umm Al-Qura University

& King Fahad Hospital, Jeddah, 


  • Assistant Professor in Surgery, First Specialist in General Surgery


1999 - 2002.

The College of Medicine & Medical Sciences, Umm Al-Qura University

& Al-Noor Specialist Hospital, Makkah, 


  • SHO (Resident) in General Surgery,


1997 - 98.

South-End General Hospital, Essex. U.K. 




  • SHO (Resident) in Trauma & Orthopaedics,


1996 - 97.

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London, U.K


  • SHO (Resident) in Paediatric Surgery,


1996 - 96.

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London, U.K.



  • SHO (Resident) in Accident & Emergencies,


1995 - 96

Whipps-Cross Hospital, London.


  • Demonstrator in Anatomy,


1995 – 95.

The Associated Medical Colleges of The London & St Bartholomew,

Queen Mary College, University of London. London, U.K.


  • SHO (Resident) in Orthopaedics,


1994 – 95.

The Royal London Hospital, London.


  • House Officer in Surgery


1994 – 94.

Professorial Unit (Prof. N. Williams, Prof. C. Fowler), General Surgery and Urology.

Royal London Hospital, London University, London, U.K, 


  • House Officer in Medicine


1993 - 94.

General Medicine, Gastroenterology and Haematolgy,

Colchester General Hospital, Essex, U.K. 







I have been a consultant General Surgeon since 2003 and have accumulated a wealth of experience within general surgical practice both open and laparoscopic. The Colorectal fellowship in Bristol, U.K, has enabled me to attain advanced laparoscopic and endoscopic skills in colorectal, pelvic floor and general gastrointestinal surgery as well as the development of a deeper understanding for the set-up and organization of multi-disciplinary and enhanced recovery approaches.



  • Instructor, Curriculum Developer & Examiner for 4th, 5th & 6th Years undergraduate general

Surgery courses.

College of Medicine, UQU.


  • Participant in the Training of Saudi/ Arab Board Residents.

King Fahad Hospital, Jeddah and Al-Noor Specialist Hospital, Makkah


  • Organizer & Instructor,

The Surgical Access to the Thyroid Workshop,

     (Part of the activities of the Thyroid Symposium, Makkah 2001)


  • Lecture: The Role of Antibiotics in Surgical Practice,

      The Armed Forces, Taif 2000.


  • Speaker and contributor: Colorectal public awareness day, Riyadh, March 2013.



  • Vice Dean for Clinical and Hospital Affairs,

2012 till present


  • Chair: Curriculum committee for the 5th/6th academic year, 

2012 till present


  • Member: Curriculum Committee, 

2012 till present


  • Member: Medico-Legal Association for the region of Makkah,

      2006 - 2012.


5.  Member: of The Makkah Region Quality Program Evaluating for Surgery,



6.  Chairman: The Department of Anatomy, UQU MC.

     1999 -2003.


7.   Vice- Dean for Academic Affairs, UQU MC.



8.   Course Coordinator: General Surgery, 6th year, UQU MC



  • Course Coordinator: General Surgery, 4th year, UQU MC.



  • Course Coordinator: General Surgery, 5th year, UQU MC.



  • Member of The Curriculum Committee, UQU MC.



  • Chairman of the College Admission Committee.



  • Member to the Sub-Dean of Gulf States Medical Colleges Council Meeting, UMQU, Makkah, 2001.


  • Member: The Selection Committee for Medical Scholarships to

       New Zealand, 



During the 2 weeks of the pilgrimage Hajj season when all the health services in the region of Makkah is restructured and re-resourced I have been privileged to serve as a lead general and trauma surgeon in ALNoor Hospital during the seasons between 2001-2014 (excluding 2010, 2013, 2015).




  • Paper: Laparoscopic Ventral Mesh Rectopexy in The Management of Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome: A Cause For Optimism.

Colorectal Disease, Vol. 15, N 5, May 2013.


  • Paper: How to Deal With Complications After Laparoscopic Ventral Mesh rectopexy: lessons learnt from A Tertiary Referral Centre.

Colorectal Disease, Vol. 15, N 6, June 2013.


  • Fast-Track Path-Ways in Colorectal Surgery

International Saudi Colorectal Forum 

28th -31st March 2015, Four Season Hotel, Al Mamlakah, 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


  • Surgical Approach to the management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

International Saudi Colorectal Forum 

28th -31st March 2015, Four Season Hotel, Al Mamlakah, 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


  • Presentation: Strategies in the Management of Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome.

1st Joint Conference: Saudi-International Colorectal Disease Forum & St. Mark’s Hospital.

16th -18th March 2014, Four Season Hotel, Al Mamlakah, 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


  • Presentation: Hereditary Colorectal cancer; Impact on Surgical Decision.

International Saudi Colorectal Forum.

16th-20th March 2013, Four Season Hotel, Al Mamlakah, 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


  • Presentation: Overview and approach to obstructive defecation for the general surgeon. 

International Saudi Colorectal Forum.

24th-28th March 2012, Four Season Hotel, Al Mamlakah, 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


  • Presentation: Surgical strategies for pelvic floor disorders. 

International Saudi Colorectal Forum.

24th-28th March 2012, Four Season Hotel, Al Mamlakah, 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


  • Presentation and Abstract: Advances in The Modern Surgical Approach to Obstructive defecation

The 3rd International Conference on Recent Advances and Updates in General Surgery and Surgical Education

March 5th-7th, 2012 KFSHRC in Association with the RCSI, 

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


  • Paper: The effects of age on residual strains in the rat aorta.

      Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 118(4):440-4 Nov 1996


  • Paper: Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), Seven Years

      Experience From Department Of Surgery, Faculty Of Medicine, Umm-

      AlQura, Makkah, Saudi Arabia,

      Sudan Journal of Medical Sciences, Vol. 3, No 3 (2008)


  • Abstract: Residual strains and Stresses in Rat Aorta,

 Pathological Society of Great Britain & Ireland. 

 Hammersmith Hospital, London, 1992.



  • Papers soon to be submitted for publications:


    • In-hospital cellulitis amongst Muslim pilgrims: Does the Hajj play a role? submitted for publication
    • Current trends defining surgical practice during the Hajj, submitted for publication.
    • General Surgical Disease Burden during the Hajj.
    • Abdominal Vacuum systems, course and outcomes. A single center experience
    • Satisfaction amongst surgical health care professionals during the Hajj.
    • Obstructive Defecation in adult males an epidemiological study (in progress).





  • Mr. Anthony Dixon,

Consultant Colorectal and Pelvic Floor Surgeon.

Colorectal Unit, Department of General Surgery.

North Bristol NHS trust.

Bristol BS16 1LE, U.K.

Tel: +44-1173401000,

Email: [email protected]

           [email protected]


  • Dr. Nasser Al-Sanea,

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Head Section

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, Riyadh, KSA

President, Saudi Society of Colon & Rectal Surgery,

Mobile: +966-505465191

Email: [email protected]

           [email protected]


  • Professor Elbagir A. Elfaki.

Professor of Surgery, Consultant General Surgeon.

The College of Medicine & Medical Sciences,

Umm Al-Qura University & Al-Noor Specialist Hospital,

Makkah, PO box 7607, KSA

Tel: +966 2 5270000, Ext 7125, Mobile: +966 558803253

Email: [email protected]


  • Dr Sulaiman A Jastaniah.

Associate Professor, Consultant General Surgeon

The College of Medicine & Medical Sciences,

Umm Al-Qura University & Al-Noor Specialist Hospital,

Makkah, PO box 7607, KSA

Tel +966 2 5270000, Ext 7125, Mobile: +966 55539003

Email:  [email protected]


  • Dr Usamah Bawazeer.

Assistant professor, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon

Chairman of the Department of Surgery

The College of Medicine & Medical Sciences,

Umm Al-Qura University & Al-Noor Specialist Hospital,

Makkah, PO box 7607, KSA, Email: [email protected]

Tel 02 5270000, Ext 7125, Mobile: +966 503660669